A bot that answers your questions on starting a company in Saudi Arabia.

Doing business in Saudi Arabia is exciting, but getting started with all the paperwork and requirements is not. Instead of plowing through hundreds of pages of investment manuals and chasing after officials who might have answers, why not get a customized-to-your-business checklist with our chatbot in (literally) a few words?


The Qanoon chatbot is quick, easy, and fun to use!

Qanoon Project Team

We are a team of passionate lawyer and technologist who are frustrated by the current incorporation process where information is hidden everywhere and often inconsistent and inactionable.

We built a one-stop chat interface to clarify your needs and make a customized compass to guide you through the incorporation process in Saudi Arabia.


The chatbot knows nothing about you other than your answers to its questions. In case you want to receive a customized checklist, the chatbot will ask for your email at the end. That's the only information it takes from you.
Our team of legal experts interacts with the authorities and local law firms on a regular basis to ensure our database is up-to-date. Your usage of the chatbot will also improve its accuracy and experiences for other users.